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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, we are on stormwatch. find out what is in store for your morning commute. plus, the same storm system causing deadly tornadoes in the south. >> i do not know what to do.
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nothing, nothing. i do not know where to begin. >> now, the massive cleanup process begins. and the massive tribute for the miners killed in the deadly explosion in west virginia. the message president obama delivered to the family members and friends of those who lost their lives. captioned by the national captioning institute we are on stormwatch tonight. heavy thunderstorms rolled rupiah a live picture from rockville. you can still see heavy rain -- heavy thunderstorms rolled through. a live picture from rockville. >> we are in the belfort furniture weather center, and all of the watches or warnings have expired. montgomery county, looking at some heavier showers out to the
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west korea across fairfax and loudoun counties. -- out to the west. across fairfax and loudoun counties. behind this, we are looking for things to settle down. that is the good news. we are not totally out yet. there could be yet another round of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. for the overnight, showers. blows in the 50's. patchy fog in the early-morning hours -- those in the 50's. -- the lows in the 50's. some dangerous driving conditions tonight, and some people were sent running for cover. jay korff joins us. is it still raining out there? >> 3 powerful storms came through the area just in the last few hours, producing a
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tremendous amount of rain and a lot of lightning. powerful storms raced across frederick, md., making driving dangerous. >> it was pretty bad at one point. >> it was coming down so hard, you could not see carnales -- could not see cars off a road. >> a number of severe weather warnings were issued. >> we could not drive, and we were going 10 miles per hour. >> rain and hail came down so hard at times, they were concerned about losing control of their vehicle. >> you could almost hydroplane. the steering wheel, it was kind of weird. >> and tonight, authorities in this area in frederick county are reporting to us one water rescue and one lightning strike,
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but no injuries and no damage. jay korff, abc7 news. kris van cleave continues our team coverage tonight from rockville. you can hear that rain coming down even harder. >> caroline, it has really started to come down in the last hour or so. our photographer was sitting, waiting for the storm. there was a big gust of wind. it shook the truck, and then the skies opened up. let's show you a little bit of video from earlier. you can see this storm that caused shoppers off guard, this man sprinting to his car with its grocery, trying to get out of the rain. there was the heavy winds and heavy rain, certainly enough to get you drenched. along with that in quite a light show. the skies were lit in a fairly
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spectacular fashion, and, in fact, he continues to do that. you can hear some thunder behind us -- it continues to do that. if you are outside for any of it, it was certainly enough to get you wet and to slow down traffic on 270. it turns out that this man could have avoided this storm altogether. >> i forgot that you could go around the back. they have an elevator or something. i would have done that. >> caroline, certainly something to remember is the underground parking if you are going to be coming out in the middle of a rainstorm, and he had to load his groceries and the middle of a little bit of a downpour. authorities have said no injuries so far because of this severe weather, but certainly the thunder and lightning and heavy winds are continuing in montgomery county. we are live in rockville
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tonight, kris van cleave, abc7 news. >> just a reminder, you can check on the forecast at any time. log on to,, and click on the weather tab. the mississippi appears to have been hit the hardest, at least 10 people dying in the storm there, and in one county, churches were leveled, cars being tossed around. they are searching for anything familiar in the rubble. >> i do not know what to do. i have nothing. nothing. there is nothing. i do not know where to begin, and i do not know where to end it. >> the mississippi governor declared disaster areas and called out the national guard to look for survivors. president obama was in west virginia, paying tribute to the west virginia miners died in an
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explosion on april 5, the deadliest mining accidents in many years. >> ♪ stand by me >> family and friends gathered to remember them. the president promised the nation would honor their memory is by improving safety in mines. >> to do what we must do individually and collectively to ensure safe conditions, to treat them like family. >> there will be ascended hearing on tuesday. the president has ordered a review of mines wth poo -- mines with poor safety records. one man was arrested at the
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pashtun regional airport in the parking lot. police are investigating -- in the regional airport in another area. legislation aimed at reforming wall street. democrats today stepped up their efforts. the democratic senator christopher dodd agreed to toughen the bill with rules on derivatives. derivatives are the securities blamed to leading up to the wall street crisis. and the search continues tonight for a man who robbed and off-duty d.c. police officer at gunpoint last night incident. police say the unidentified officer was approached by a man who took the officer's money and ran off. the officer fired at the suspect but missed. nobody was hurt. and police have identified a man who took a deadly fall at a northeast apartment building. he was from alexandria. police say he was standing on
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the roof of the connecticut house a partner with some friends yesterday when he fell some 100 feet down a shaft. investigators believe it was an accident. a high school will be closed again tomorrow because of mercury contamination. the want to make sure that southern garrett county high school and the school buses are all free of mercury. they were passing the talks and around a classroom last week. and d.c. police are asking for help in finding a missing teenager. take a look at this picture. she was seen just before 7:00. nautica brown was last seen in southeast on brandywine st.. anyone with some information is asked to call police. > and gathering on the mall in celebration of earth day.
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and an explosion is threatening to become even more than environmental disaster of. to become even more than environmental disaster of.
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oil continues to pour into the ocean, and now threatens to be an ecological disaster. >> the oil rig lies son and nearly 1 mile beneath the surface in the gulf of mexico, but saturday, -- the oil rig lies nearly 1 mile beneath the surface. ecosystems are being threatened. the initial spill occurred tuesday, killing 11 workers. the bp oil company spearheaded cleanup operations almost immediately. it appeared to be unmanageable spill at first, with officials saying after the initial accident, and no more oil was leaking, but it sank. there was a halt to the operation of the cleanup, and
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then a new league was discovered. >> -- a new leak was discovered. the coast guard says the oil is about 25 times or won't -- larger than one day earlier, extending 20 miles by 20 miles. the ecosystem of shrimp, fish, and choral -- coral is britain's, possibly all of the way to florida. -- coral is threatens, possibly all of the way to florida. -- is threatened. a new law gives police authority to question anybody they suspect is in the country all legally -- illegally. some fear it will lead to racial profiling. >> the police do not have an inherent right to carry at
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immigration policy. it is the responsibility of the federal government. >> the whole nation is watching. >> president obama is at the justice department to see whether or not the law violates civil rights. if it is not overturned, it goes into effect this year. all woman it was helped by a good samaritan, but he died because nobody would help him. he was moving in to help a woman who is being attacked, and the attacker then stabbed him. more than 20 people walked by, and none stopped to help. after nearly two hours, it was too late to save the emigrant from guatemala. thousands of people gathered on the national mall to rally for climate change. >> save the earth, saved the climate. >> a all day demonstration was
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held in honor of the 40th anniversary of earth day, and some big-name celebrities where there. >> people are here to tell big government that we want the government to make big decisions about the most important decisions we face. >> hopefully, people can leave you with a sense of what to do. >> a senate dispute is delaying a climate bill that was supposed to be unveiled tomorrow aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 17% over the next decade. a d.c. station is going green. they will go to grow plants and grass on the roof. the fire department is renovating aging fire stations, making them more environmentally
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friendly. and they will surely get the water that they need. you will see some showers and thunderstorms for the day tomorrow, but let me tell you. things are getting ready to settle down. we are looking down pennsylvania avenue. it will subside just a bit, allowing just some patchy fog to develop during the early-morning hours, and it could impact the rush-hour commute a little bit. these storms continued to move off, and there is a system that remains to the north of oz. temperatures in the 70's. around town, they are cooler off to the north and east, especially near baltimore. in martinsburg, west virginia, 52 after a high of 65. at an elementary school in the district, about one-tenth of an inch after a high of 77 degrees.
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outside at this hour, a daytime high as 77 at reagan national, while above average for this time of year, no where close to the record. milder temperatures to the south. 79 in richmond. this frontal system is gradually going to go south over the next 12 hours or so, but an area of pressure off to the west, this will be there for our weather tomorrow. there is a chance for some thunderstorms that could become severe. the watches, the warnings, they have all expired or canceled out. we are looking at showers that continue to move off to the east. the area of low pressure moves off. high pressure builds, and sunshine may return. temperatures will warm up really nicely, and especially by friday in the upcoming weekend.
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isg our forecast. showers remain for the overnight. -dmao1hvt'-@%qzerjj 50's.@mlyv p @ j:itj so for the most part, we dodged the bullet today. we needed the rain, only about 1 inch so far this month at reagan national airport, , only about one-tenth of an inch of three today. >> batman was trying to get his groceries in his car. >> -- that man was trying to
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more than one dozen baby ducklings are safe tonight after all woman braved a highway to save them. the mother duck was struck by a car. the babies are at the humane society, and they will be there until they are older, when they will be moved outside. going to montreal. the washington capitals showing up for tomorrow's game six with the series. back on the edge, trying to pull themselves back together after a disappointing game. themselves back together after a disappointing game.
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the washington capitals spent the weekend trying to shore up the holes in their game be between now and game six with the canadians tomorrow. they had one of the best power plays in the nhl, but in the playoffs, they really struggled. alex ovechkin knows they have to
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get better and do it in a hurry. >> it is a simple game. >> get some more shots. do the basic things. this is where we are right now. >> that will be game 6 tomorrow night. how about the washington nationals? put another one in the win column. adam dunn, that shot to right field. nats on top, 1-0. how one of eight strikeouts candidate.
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-- one of 8 strikeouts. seven shut out for him -- shut outs for him. top of the ninth, you'll see some more diving. 1-0. here comes justin maxwell. he is there. the orioles have just two wins in the season. top of the 10th, rhyne hughes. miguel tejada scores. they have two more, and they hold on to win. the washington redskins spent last night and most of today filling out their rosters with undrafted free agents, and one of the guys they picked up was vdot daryll clark, which it looks like one was dar -- it
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looks like one was daryll clark. >> we were not shopping that one player. we do not know why the rumors started. we know where albert stands, and he knows where we stand, and we look forward to him having a productive season. >> and here they come, racing down the stretch of talladega. the checkered flag, winning by a nose, snapping a 115-race losing streak. bouncing in and, of virginia. they win, 10-6, and a couple of nba playoffs to pass on to you.
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cleveland crushed and landed to take a lead in their series. -- bouncing it in, virginia. >> all right, thanks. [ male announcer ] looking for a price that starts low
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we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. we are following some breaking news, where an earthquake has struck off of taiwan. buildings were moving in taipei. so far, no tsunami warning has been issued. of course, we will keep our eye on this. the storms are coming quickly to end. a little bit of patchy fog, daytime highs tomorrow in the lower 70's, and there could be another round of thunderstorms.
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the week warm is up nicely. >>
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